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Fire and Shadow Large

Fire and Shadow Large

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This limited edition large soft glass piece features an orange fire swirled body, a beautiful textured or stamped jet black foot with matching jet black wrap. The fire and shadow Large 3G soft glass bong is truly fire measuring 17-20” tall. Our artisans have spent years honing this technical sculpting process!

  • Large; Height: 17’-20” tall Width: 5”-6”, Weight: 5-7lbs.=

  • Orange Fire Swirled Body

  • Crimped/ Twirled Jet black Foot with matching wrap.

  • 14 mm glass-on-glass matching bowl

  • ALL glass-on-glass diffused downstem

    PLEASE NOTE: These pieces are unique, individually handmade works of art, and may vary slightly in shape, size, and appearance from the picture.

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