How to Clean Your Bong



We recommend that you rinse your piece after each use (or after every sesh). When rinsing, NEVER rinse with HOT WATER. Hot water will crack your piece. Rinsing your piece after every use is sanitary, will provide you with a better smoking experience, and will mean less intense cleanings in the future. We recommend that you do a more rigorous cleaning about once a month. To tackle a deep clean we recommend that you use a commercial glass cleaning product. If you rinse your piece after every use, you shouldn’t need to use a lot of any commercial cleaner to clean any built-up residue.


Water Rinse; You should rinse your piece after every use. To rinse, remove the bowl, pour out any used water, fill the piece with room temperature water and rinse it. This should take no more than 30 seconds. Let the piece air dry overnight or until your next use.

Deep Clean; Resin buildup happens, even when you regularly rinse your piece. To do a deep clean, remove the bowl, pour out any used water, and add a commercial bong cleaner of your choice. Hold the piece from the bottom with your thumb over the downstem opening and a hand over the mouthpiece. This should create a seal so you can shake the piece gently to ensure the cleaner can touch every surface. Let the cleaner sit for the suggested time (depending on what cleaner you use). After its had a chance to sit, rinse the piece thoroughly with room temperature water and let air dry until your next use.

*** You can also use Rubbing Alcohol and Salt to clean your piece, we just DO NOT recommend heating up the solution.


Unlike Borosilicate, soft glass (Aka Soda Lime Glass) reacts to quick temperature changes by expanding rapidly at the site where heat is applied. When you put hot water into a soft glass bong, the glass can’t expand rapidly enough to change with the added heat leading to cracks/ weakening of the glass. When we make our pieces, the glass comes out of the furnace and is only out of a heat source long enough for the artist to work with it before reintroducing it into a heated chamber called a gloryhole. The mastery of this technique is crucial to ensure the glass does not crack while crafting. When a piece is finished, it is placed in an annealer, (another hot box), where the temperature is slowly brought down over a 12-24 hour period. If the piece is left out in the open, the rapid loss of heat would make the glass unstable and it would crumble to pieces.

Using butane torches and ice is also not recommended for the same reason you should not use hot water. If you have a banger that provides ample space between the torch and the bong you may be able to use our pieces as dab rigs. We just caution that if you use a butane torch, to NEVER point it at the bong itself as the heat will lead to weakening of the glass and potential breakage.

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