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The Ladybug

The Ladybug

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This piece is adorned with a life-like but gigantic ladybug, on what Andrew considers his landscape color setup, the foot in granny apple green to have the feel of grass, and the color climbing up the bubble to a blue sky with clouds streaking across.  The ladybug sits on a sprig of grass, hanging out looking for a meal while keeping an eye on the bong.  Ladybugs are traditionally signify good luck…probably because they are a friend to farmers and dine on all sorts of pests.  This piece will bring good luck to it’s owner and ward off pesky pests who are looking to bogart your nugs.  This ladybug sculpture is the very first for Andrew, following in the steps of his dragonfly, bee and scorpion pieces, and a worthy addition to his Bong Guardian Series.Series.

By Artist: Andrew Gudger

Height: 13.5 in

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