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Crater Lake

Crater Lake

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Crater Lake features, our newest dark blue bong, features a lake blue striped gradient base, and a teal foot and wrap. If aquatic themes and colors are your style, then this is the piece for you. Inspired by the clearest blue water in any lake in the pacific northwest, this stunning glass water pipe is sure to refresh anyone in its icy waters. It is available in 4 different sizes. Our artisans craft all of our unique soft glass bongs with the utmost care.

  • 14 mm glass-on-glass matching bowl

  • Glass-on-glass diffused downstem


    PLEASE NOTE: These dope bongs are unique, individually handmade works of art, and may vary slightly in shape, size, and appearance from the picture.


    Small No-Wrap: 11-13” Tall, apx. 4” base, apx 2 lbs

    Small with wrap: 11-13” Tall, apx. 4” base, apx 2 lbs, with decorative wrap

    Textured Dichro Wrap: 11-13" Tall, apx. 4" base, apx. 2 lbs, with shiny dichro wrap

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