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Rainbow Wrap Black

Rainbow Wrap Black

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This limited edition black bong features a rainbow wrap with cane work done by featured artist Robert Green. This was done by encasing a bar of color, and then heating and stretching it out very long and thin. The resulting soft glass ‘cane’ is then chopped up into smaller pieces and arranged with other colors in a rainbow pattern, before being picked up and stretched again to form the wrap. Cane work is an ancient Venetian technique that is very labor-intensive. On a rainy day you might just be able to make out the gold at the end of the rainbow :-)

  • Height: 13-15” tall, Width: 5”, Weight: 4 lbs.

  • Rainbow Cane work done by featured artist Robert Green

  • 14 mm glass-on-glass matching bowl

  • ALL glass-on-glass diffused downstem


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