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Downstems - 3 pack

Downstems - 3 pack

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•14mm Glass-on-Glass Diffused Downstem.

•Comes in a 3-pack of 3.25”, 3.5” and 3.75”. Because each Noble Glass piece is hand-blown and unique, sizes may vary. We ship a 3-pack, each one a slightly different size, so that you can use the one that fits best. They will likely all still fit, but one will be a ‘best’ fit.

•All ‘Standard’ pieces use a silicone grommet to affix the stem to the piece. All ‘Premium’ pieces are thicker and have a tapered hole, allowing the downstem to make a ground-joint seal directly with the piece. All stems are shipped with a silicone grommet, but you may not need one depending on which piece you purchase.

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