The Dragon Bong

The Dragon Bong


The Noble Glass Dragon Bong is a stunning piece of functional art that was hand sculpted by Andrew Gudger. The intricate design of the bong is inspired by dragons, mythical creatures that have long been associated with power, strength, and wisdom. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Noble Glass Dragon Bong, the inspiration for the piece, and the elements that make this Unique bong so amazing.


First and foremost, the Noble Glass Dragon Bong is a handcrafted work of art that was made by glass artists, Andrew gugder. The bong is made from high-quality soft glass, which is known for its fluid nature and soft features allowing it to be hand shaped. Because soft glass is so fluid, it takes true artistry to get the piece just right. Soft glass has to be worked with quickly. Temperature fluctuations in the glass can cause the elements to crack if cooled to quickly. This puts the artist under immense pressure to create a flawless piece before that piece inevitably has to be placed in the kiln to cool down.


The design of the Noble Glass Dragon Bong is what truly sets it apart from other bongs on being sold online. The intricate dragon design is hand sculpted using clear glass and infused with the magical element, dichro. This piece features a detailed dragon head, complete with horns and spikes running from its skull down its thorny tail. The body of the dragon extends down the neck of the bong and wraps around the main chamber, creating a stunning visual effect. The body of the piece is styled in a granite stone look giving the piece the feel that the dragon is perched high up on the mountain tops.


One of the most appealing features of the Noble Glass Dragon Bong is its functionality. The bong is designed to provide a smooth and flavorful smoking experience. The downsten and the main water chamber work together to clean the smoke, removing harsh impurities and creating a smoother hit. The large chamber also allows for plenty of smoke to be accumulated, making it perfect for sharing with friends.


In addition to its stunning design and impressive functionality, the Noble Glass Dragon Bong is also very easy to use and clean. The bong comes with a removable bowl that makes it easy to pack and light, and the 14mm downstem can be easily removed for cleaning. When treated with care, this piece will truly stand the test of time living into a dragon’s old age.


We recommend cleaning any soft glass piece with either room temperature water, or even better, a cleaner such as Pink Cleaner. For more info on caring for soft glass, visit our how to clean your bong article. 


In conclusion, the Noble Glass Dragon Bong is a functional work of art, hand crafted in the old venetian style of soft glass blowing.Its intricate dragon design, high-quality soft  glass construction, and impressive functionality make it a must-have for any serious smoker. Whether you are a seasoned smoker or just starting out, the Noble Glass Dragon Bong is sure to provide a smoking experience like no other.

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