Meet Emrich

Meet Emrich


Emrich Stovel is a master glassblower and a leader in the world of glass art. He is currently the creative director and owner at Noble Glass, a premier creator of high-quality glass smoking accessories, including bongs and dab rigs. Based in Eugene, Oregon, Noble Glass is known for its functional pieces of art that are both beautiful and durable. Under Emrich’s leadership, the company has become renowned for its limited edition bongs made from soft glass, also known as soda lime glass.

Soft glass is a type of glass that is made from soda, lime, and silica. It is more pliable and easier to work with than borosilicate glass, which is known for its strength and durability. Emrich’s mastery of the soft glass medium has allowed him to create unique designs that are both stunning to look at and provide an exceptional smoking experience.

Emrich’s limited edition bongs are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and no two are exactly alike. Emrich often draws inspiration from nature and incorporates organic shapes and colors into his designs.

One of Emrich’s most popular designs is the genie bottle bong, which features a unique body design that looks like a genie bottle. Another popular design is the Earth bong, which features a green body with mounted leaves. The Earth bong was the first bong in the Elemental series by Emrich, along with Fire. Wind and Water are still under development.

Emrich’s work has earned him a reputation as one of the top glassblowers in the industry. His leadership at Noble Glass has allowed the company to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with soft glass. Under his guidance, the company has expanded its offerings to include custom bongs that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual customers.

In conclusion, Emrich Stovel is a master glassblower and a leader in the world of glass art. His work with soft glass has allowed him to create stunning limited edition bongs that are both beautiful and functional. As the creative director at Noble Glass in Eugene, Oregon, Emrich has brought his unique vision to the company and helped to establish it as a premier manufacturer of high-quality glass smoking accessories.

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